Are IKEA Tiny Homes Available In Australia?

Are IKEA Tiny Homes Available In Australia?

Are IKEA tiny homes available in Australia?

While there are no official plans to sell or rent IKEA’s iconic SHELTERLINE and STRÖMD homes in Australia, you can still find the company’s products if you look hard enough. There are two ways you can do this: find an IKEA retailer in your area or buy from an online retailer who sells products from IKEA and other European brands.

IKEA first started selling tiny homes in the US in 2013.

While not yet available Down Under, you can still purchase an IKEA ready-to-assemble cabin from the company’s website. These come in a range of sizes and styles, from a simple one-person cabin to a two-bedroom cabin with a loft.

Today, IKEA is selling two different types of tiny homes in North America.

In 2019, IKEA expanded into the US and Canada, offering two different types of miniature homes for sale in these countries. These homes are called the ‘Kart’ and the ‘Ekod’. Both of these homes are available at IKEA’s website and come in a few different sizes and styles.

The company has sold almost 50,0tiny homes in the US since then.

The Swedish furniture brand IKEA’s ‘Tiny home’ range is available for purchase in Australia. Since 2018, IKEA’tiny homes’ have been available in the US and South Africa and are now available for pre-order in Australia. Currently, there are 12 different styles of IKEA’s ‘Tiny home’ available for purchase in Australia.

IKEA is testing the idea of tiny homes in the US as part of its larger mission to make homes more environmentally friendly.

The furniture retailer’s US arm, IKEA, is trialling the idea of shipping and installing its tiny homes in the US. If successful, the company will look to roll out the idea further. So far, IKEA has released images of the homes, which are designed to be delivered to customers in a flat-packed box and assembled on your own.

IKEA isn’t selling tiny homes in Australia.

IKEA’s first foray into the world of tiny homes was their HUS line of shipping container homes. HUS is an acronym for “hybrid under-container living” and these homes are essentially an IKEA-built shipping container on wheels. The concept is not new, but IKEA’s innovative design has made shipping container living more accessible to the masses.

But, it is working on the idea.

There are no IKEA small homes available in Australia at this time. However, if you are interested in a shipping container home, you can check out the website World Shipping Solutions. They have shipping container homes available for purchase, as well as shipping container conversions for commercial use.

The company is exploring the idea of selling tiny houses in the US and other parts of the world.

At the moment, the Swedish furniture retailer does not sell IKEA’s iconic “tiny homes” in Australia, but they’re working on it. The company does sell shipping containers, which are similar to a tiny home, and they’re working with partners to test out the idea.


The short answer is yes! There are several different IKEA home models available for purchase in Australia, either as a fully-built unit or as a kit to DIY. The company’s flat-pack furniture is also available at most large IKEA stores, so if you prefer to spend less time in the planning and more time actually building, you can choose to use that instead.

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