Can You Buy A Tiny House At Home Depot?

Can You Buy A Tiny House At Home Depot?

Can you buy a tiny house at Home Depot?

While it’s not possible to walk into a Home Depot and purchase a tiny house, you can buy some of the building materials they carry and have them assembled by a professional. There are a few companies that specialize in building small homes and you can search online for them.

If you’re searching for a tiny house that you can build yourself from scratch, you may think that your options are limited to tiny house kits available at a store like Home Depot.

The short answer is no, you can’t buy a tiny house at Home Depot. However, if you’re looking to buy a pre-built tiny house that is more than 300 square feet, you can order it from a company like Tumbleweed, which sells their homes directly to you. You can also purchase a kit from a company like Blue Ridge, which also offers a selection of their tiny homes for sale.

That’s not entirely true.

Although conventional building materials like plywood and 2×4s are not on the list of materials approved for tiny homes, many builders are choosing to use them anyway. If you want to build a tiny house using the blue prints of a more traditional design, you can usually find plans online. However, you’ll need to be careful about the type of building materials you use.

There are several tiny house plans that you can purchase from independent designers and companies.

Common misconception: You can’t purchase a tiny house at a big box retailer. The truth is that independent designers and companies like Tumbleweed and Willowwood have made it possible for homeowners to purchase a tiny house through big box retailers like Home Depot. These companies sell plans that you can either download or purchase through their website.

These plans are available to download and print for free.

While it’s not likely you’ll find a pre-built tiny house on the shelves at your local Home Depot, you can find all the building plans and materials you need to build your own. They’re available online and in bookstores, and many of the plans are quite affordable.

Or, you can choose to purchase a tiny house kit that’s available for purchase online and in stores.

There are plenty of places to purchase a tiny house kit, but one of the most convenient locations is definitely home improvement stores. Large box stores, like Home Depot, are a great place to buy your supplies for your project. You can even find a few shops in your area that specialize in small space solutions, and they might be able to help you find a way to fit a tiny house into your budget.

If you’re looking to build a tiny house on wheels, you may have to purchase a trailer that is sold separately.

While it’s possible to purchase an entire tiny house in a box and have it delivered on your own, this is rarely a great option. Instead of a tiny house on wheels, you’ll likely need a standard trailer to haul your new home on. Without this important component, you’ll be forced to spend extra time and money on additional labor and parts.

If you prefer to buy a tiny house kit that you can build yourself, you can purchase a kit from companies that offer a web-based design program.

While you can’t find the exact plans for a tiny house that you want at a big box retailer, you can often find the building materials you need at a local hardware store that will let you build your own house.


The answer is yes, you can buy a tiny house at Home Depot. In fact, you can even find a complete tiny house kit at Home Depot that will help you build your own tiny house. You can also buy the supplies you need to build your own.

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