What Counties In Georgia Allow Tiny Houses?

What Counties In Georgia Allow Tiny Houses?

What counties in Georgia allow tiny houses?

A small home is defined as a building that is 400 square feet or less. If you plan to build a small home, you must have a special permit. If you are looking to buy a pre-existing small home, you will need to check with your county to see if they allow them to be legally occupied.

Banks County

Banks County is home to 6 counties, but only 3 of them allow tiny homes to be legally built. These counties include Banks, Butts, and Hart County. The rules regarding where you can legally build a tiny home are very similar, and the requirements are quite similar as well. If you’re planning to build a tiny home in Banks or Butts County, you’ll need a building permit. The permit is issued by the Banks County Zoning Department. You’ll also need a septic tank permit, depending on how you plan to dispose of your sewage.

Burke County

Burke County is a great place to live in a small house or a tiny home! Most of the county is zoned for a single-family detached home, but there are some areas zoned for townhouses and apartment complexes. There are also a few spots zoned for mobile homes. In all of these areas, you can build a small house as long as it fits the zoning and building codes.

Carroll County

Only four counties in Georgia allow people to legally live in a tiny house: Carroll, Towns, Butts, and DeKalb. The county commissions in each of these counties have created local zoning laws for tiny homes. Carroll County even has a whole section on their website explaining the requirements for a tiny house.

Cherokee County

The tiny house movement has been gaining traction in the United States in recent years. If you’re looking into building a tiny house in Georgia, you may be wondering if it’s legal to do so. Currently, there are three counties in the state that have specific ordinances regarding the building of a tiny home.

Clayton County

Not all counties in Georgia allow the use of a tiny house. It depends on the county and the zoning laws. Some counties allow it by right while others require a special use permit. A county’s zoning laws will most likely be found in the county comprehensive plan.

Cobb County

There are four counties in Georgia which have zoning codes that allow for the construction of a tiny home. Of those four, three of them are home to the state capital: Chambers, Fulton, and Cobb.

DeKalb County

DeKalb County is a great place to live for a small, independent living mobile home, RV, or tiny house. This county allows most types of small homes, including electricity for water heating, provided the home is up to a certain square footage, as well as other amenities. If you’re looking to purchase a small home in the county, contact your county government to find out whether you’re eligible.


As of May 2019, there are no local governments in Georgia that allow by-right residential use of a small, modern HOV-compatible design. However, your local county or municipality may be amenable to design review of a proposed small house.

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