Is Tiny House Nation Cancelled?

Is Tiny House Nation Cancelled?

Is Tiny House Nation Cancelled?

The cancellation of the TV show, and the website, has not been officially announced by any of the individuals involved. However, the website has not been updated since May 15, and the last post on the “Tiny Home Nation” Facebook page was May 17. There’s also been no activity on the Facebook page for the fan page (which was created on May 17, the same day as the last post on the main page). With no official cancellation notice, there’s a chance it’s just a matter of time before the cancellation is officially announced.

Despite the current pandemic, the hit reality TV show has been able to move forward with production.

It’s unfortunate that the pandemic has put a stop to this show. However, the good news is that the show hasn’t been cancelled yet! With no official cancellation news yet, it’s possible that we will see new episodes air in the future.

The show allows fans to get a glimpse of what it is like to live in a tiny home and see first-hand the many perks of this lifestyle.

If you’ve been following the cancellation news surrounding the hit TBN show, you might be wondering if there is any truth to the cancellation rumor. Well, the good news is, no, the show is not canceled. Despite what some websites have been reporting, the show is still on the air! We’ve reached out to TBN and they have assured us that the show is still on the air, and will continue to run as long as the show’s producers deem it a good fit for their channel.

The cancellation of the show would be a huge loss for the tiny house community and the world.

With the cancellation of the new season, it’s unclear whether Craig and his team will continue to run the show. And if they do, it could be without the involvement of the show’s host and star, Dave as well. While Dave has been a fixture of the show since its beginning, he hasn’t been a regular host for the past two seasons.

While the show would definitely be affected, it would mark the end of the current season.

Cancellation is always a possibility, especially in the reality TV world. However, if you’re a fan of the show, you probably don’t want to consider the possibility of this happening. Still, it would definitely be a major development. We have no idea what will happen yet, but we can definitely hope for the best!

The cancellation would also not be the end of tiny house living as a reality TV mainstay.

Despite cancellation talk, the show is still very much active on social media. Even the official website is online and still regularly updated. So the reality is that the cancellation of this show is highly unlikely. If anything, the show’s longevity means that there will be more and more people considering living in a tiny house, and more and more amazing tiny house designs to choose from.

There are many shows that have tackled tiny houses and other tiny living topics.

The cancellation of TV show Tiny House Nation was announced on March 8, 2020, after the show’s fourth season. The cancellation came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing production to a near standstill. While the show was able to continue production, the production company behind the show could not afford to continue paying the crew, and they were all laid off. The cancellation of the show means that no new episodes will air.

There are also other forms of reality TV that could feature tiny houses.

Despite the cancellation of the show, the buzz surrounding the idea of living in a tiny house continues to grow. In fact, the show has sparked the interest of many people looking to downsize their lives and live more sustainably. While the cancellation of the show may have made things a little difficult for the contestants, those looking to live the small life will not be deterred.


Currently, the cancellation of the show is still being discussed. Currently, the show is still on the air. However, the production company is currently working on finding a new location for the show. This could mean that the cancellation of the series could soon be over.

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