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Best Tiny Houses: 20 Jaw-Dropping Tiny Houses That Will Leave You Wanting One

Best Tiny Houses: 20 Jaw-Dropping Tiny Houses That Will Leave You Wanting One

The best tiny houses are simply captivating. They are not just houses, either—it’s safe to say that they are works of art.

Something about these houses just reels you in—it makes you never want to leave when you start living in one

If you’re planning to build or buy one, get inspiration from these jaw-dropping tiny houses. 

Best Tiny Houses: Top 20 Jaw-Dropping Tiny Houses

These 20 structures captivated our eyes and our curiosity. If you’re thirsty of inspiration, take a squeeze out of these breathtaking and interesting houses.

1. “The Lily Pad” by Creative Cabins LLC

front view of The Lily Pad, black stairs leading to a black shipping container cabin.
The Lily Pad will keep you cozy.

First on our list is this dark but inviting vacation rental in Ohio. The Lily Pad is a tiny house made of shipping containers by Creative Cabins LLC.

Located in Hocking Hills, Logan Ohio, it’s open for renting to couples, families, and individuals who want a peaceful retreat in the woods.

The Lily Pad is small but packed with amenities. For cozy nights with your buddies, you can crack a cold one open at their covered outdoor living space, gas grill, and swing bed.

It even has motorized blinds if you need privacy real quick. And if you’re feeling a bit social, you can also rely on their internet for a quick Snapchat update.

If you ask us, this would be a perfect spot for reunions of small groups of friends who are also adventurous. The Hocking Hills is home to waterfalls and cliffs and all of its parks are free. So, you would totally enjoy your time here if you’re a hiking junkie. 

2. “Helm” by CargoHome

Rear view of The Helm, lots of greenery, sunny afternoon.
The Helm, a lovely tiny home.

Helm is another wonderful shipping container rental, which you can find in the most tiny house-friendly state, Texas.

At first glance, its glass-wood exteriors will make you think it’s a modern house from the pages of BluPrint. You wouldn’t think you can get something that looks big in such a small package.

Built by CargoHome, it welcomes vacationers in its two-bedroom premises. It also has two bathrooms, a dining room, and a living room.

It even has a deck where you can read a book and share a cig with your significant other. Any couple or family can enjoy a great time in this fully-functioning tiny house.  

Would we rent Helm? Of course! Its spacious bathroom is especially our favorite, considering it’s a bathroom in a tiny house.

The interiors don’t also scream “cargo container”, which is a good thing. It’s certainly one of the best tiny houses out there. 

3. “Coodo Homes” by Coodo

coodo white tiny houses on the desert. plenty of shrubs. afternoon sun.
The future is finally here with Coodo’s designs.

Do you know that dystopian Netflix TV series, Black Mirror? Coodo’s modular mobile homes look exactly like it came straight out of Black Mirror. However, don’t let this alarm you. These houses won’t suddenly come alive—they just look futuristic.

The Coodo 32 series, the company’s flagship series, will make you gasp with its clean, round features made of white Aluminum.

The frontal design of the three models, which resembles the teeth of a USB connector, looks that way to let more natural light in. Meanwhile, if you’re not fond of the white Aluminium series, they also have a wooden series made of Siberian larch.

Would we buy a mobile house model from Coodo? Yes, it might look like a giant USB connector from Apple, but the specs aren’t too bad. Every model also comes with its own water tank, solar panels, wind turbines, and even a recycling station.

With those features, it’s easily one of the best tiny houses these days. The Jetsons would downsize, they would probably choose this series. 

4. “First Light Tiny House” by First Light Studio

Front view of First Light Tiny House. Black tiny house on wheels. Greenery.
There’s a Yin and Yang quality to this tiny house on wheels.

This tiny house on wheels designed by First Light Studio’s Anna Farrow can be deceiving.

On the outside, it can look stand-offish with its black corrugated steel exteriors. However, on the inside, the soft glow of the interior lighting and birch plywood walls are comforting and welcoming. Truly breathtaking.

Handcrafted by Build Tiny, a tiny house builder, this off-grid ready house comes with a full kitchen, which shows the client’s affinity for whipping up meals and pastries.

It has a wall oven and grill complete with a range hood. The kitchen sink has a folding table beside it.  At the top of the loft, of course, sits the solar panels. 

The First Light Tiny House is a real standout, not only with its aesthetic quality but also with its functionality.

Confused about whether you should choose a mobile or stationary house? This model has the best of both worlds, making it one of the best tiny houses nowadays. 

5. “The Getaway” by Tiny House Building Company

exterior of The Getaway. blue skies. green trees.
The Getaway brings you retro vibes from the 80s.

If you want to downsize but also relive the 1980s’ bubblegum pop aesthetic, The Getaway could be your permanent home.

The pink door, the big chill retro pink appliances, the awning, and the walls—these will remind you of a Barbie dollhouse or an ice cream parlor toy set.

Inside, the white and grey trimmings help in lighting up the room. If you want to secure your stuff, you can put them in the storage steps and the hitch outside. And if you are sleepy, you will feel comfy at the two king-size lofts.

pink fridge and pink electric stove. beige kitchen. white trimmings.
Your very own dollhouse. Now available.

The Getaway also comes with a customized chandelier package, a bathroom with the Best washer and dryer and a fully furnished kitchen. You can use the freezer, microwave, and electric cook-top as well. 

The Tiny House Building Company has a wide array of tiny houses on wheels, but The Getaway is unique for bringing that vintage, homey vibe in a mobile home.

If you can’t start your nomad lifestyle, this tiny house will bring that comfort in every ride. It’s another bright example of the best tiny houses at the moment. 

6. “Athens 520” by Park Model Homes 

Athens 520 - front view, sunny day, blue skies.
Get ready to live like a thinker in Athens 520.

Like its regal-sounding name, Athens 520 comes in a larger size than the others on this list. Nevertheless, it’s still a tiny house; however, its wrap-around porch, in which the fireplace and the chairs are located, makes it appear bigger. 

Crafted by Park Model Homes, Athens 520 is one of the 15 models in their Champions series. It’s also one of the most popular ones, qualifying as one of the best tiny houses you could purchase today.

Inside, Athens 520 has a wood-burning fireplace, perfect for those cold December nights. After hanging out with your siblings or children in the comfy living space, you can snuggle with your partner in the king-size bedroom. 

If it were up to us, the Athens 520 would be an ideal space for granny or grandpa. There is no loft, so any climbing would be unnecessary.

Moreover, the wrap-around porch would be a perfect avenue for breezy afternoon teas and gabfest with their amigas

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7. “Zion” by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Zion front view.
Zion is nothing but homey and pragmatic.

The look of Zion fits its name—it’s modern design screams luxury. Notably, it doesn’t look too brutalist like other tiny houses. You can liken Zion to a shrunken version of a modern residential structure in a suburban neighborhood. 

Despite being a premium park model, Zion’s white exterior walls, dark brown roof, large french doors, and wooden porch will make you reminisce of grandma’s house in the summer.

However, going inside the house, the refreshing in-the-now fittings, amenities, and furniture will greet you.

We think Zion is definitely one of the best tiny houses for couples who want to start a family. You and your partner can share pancakes and sip your coffee at the breakfast counter.

Besides the master bedroom, it also has a loft that is spacious enough for two toddlers. Mustard Seed Tiny Homes can also quote you some upgrades if you request it. 

8. “Bellevue” by West Coast Homes 

Bellevue. bird's eye view. Sunny day.
It’s always sunny here in Bellevue.

When you think of tiny houses, you might instantly imagine tight spaces. Bellevue goes the other way. With its open floor plan, Bellevue’s design reflects the gregariousness of the west coast lifestyle.

This high-end park model by West Coast Homes is apparently a refreshing take on their older unit, San Juan. It now features an extended porch, a deck you can access through a stair outside, a spacious main floor, and a loft for sleeping.

Inside, you can whip up your meals in the single-wall kitchen and store food in the cabinets beside the dining area. 

This model is a good choice for couples because of the open floor plan. It wouldn’t be a problem if only the two of you can see each other’s business, right?

Besides, if you have guests, the extended porch and the deck is available for small parties. If they get too boozed up, they can always stay the night at the loft. With its versatility, it’s one of the best tiny houses one can opt for these times.

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9. Modular Shipping Container Homes By Cocoon Modules

Cocoon House, another front view
Live, work, play, or hide in this Cocoon house.

If you’re going for all-out minimalism, these transportable 320 square feet houses by Cocoon Modules might fit you. The Modular Shipping Container Homes are just like a turnkey giant block of wood with a few glass doors and windows.  

Like the Bellevue, it has a simple open floor plan—the kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom are all beside each other. At the rear end of the house, there’s an additional glass door.

Cocoon Houses - Front View
Set up a lounge outside this tiny house.

Moreover, because it’s tiny and rectangular, it also boasts energy-efficiency and earthquake resistance. Cocoon Modules even has a class A certification in energy-efficiency. 

This mini container house is suitable for those who are dead serious about downsizing. Everything is tiny in this house; but if you can find a spacious lot, you can park there, set up a lounge area, and host a film viewing for the family. It’s certainly one of the best tiny houses made of shipping containers.

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10.  Shipping Container House by Ty Kelly

There is bliss in this Ty Kelly shipping container house.

This Ty Kelly project in  Seattle is another minimalist wonder. In the day, it’s an undeniable piece of modern architecture.

Up close, you can see the gorgeous patterns of the wooden panels and neon green details. Inside, the house is full of symmetrical features and design. The Shipping Container House comes even more alive at night. 

Even though it’s not that tiny, it has the elements of good design, which is so much better than being tiny just for the sake of it.

Isn’t that a nice contrast of neon green and light wood?

Going inside, you will see a wide common area with eye-catching artwork on the walls. Just beside the living room is an island kitchen that also serves as a breakfast countertop. There is even an extended porch at the front. 

We believe the Shipping Container House is one of the best tiny houses because it’s the epitome of container architecture done right. It’s obvious that the designer did not sacrifice form for the sake of function. Who says you can’t have debonair in sustainability? 

11. “The Wedge” by Wheelhaus

Spend time with your significant other in The Wedge on a peaceful night.

From one quick look, The Wedge looks like a small luxury beachfront cabin with its 400 square feet size. However, one would be surprised to find out that it’s a fully functioning one-bedroom unit, complete with turnkey appliances. 

This cornerstone model by Wheelhaus is designed with timber and steel. It has exterior siding and higher ceilings made of reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing, which is unique for a tiny home.

The windows and sliding glass doors are also designed to welcome sunlight. The private deck is an inviting addition, like a cherry on top of a sundae. 

If you’re into natural materials without sacrificing contemporary elements, this turnkey model could be your dream tiny house. Truly, it’s a convenient luxury for tiny house enthusiasts.

If you’re tired of the common notion about tiny houses having poor quality, then you can buy this house and rub it off the naysayers’ faces.

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12. “The Brillhart House” By Brillhart Architecture 

The Brillhart House is brilliantly crafted.

Despite its magical simplicity, The Brillhart House is one decorated house. It won the AIA Miami Honor Award in 2014 and the AIA Florida Honor Award and the Best Single Family House in 2015. Phew. It must be that great, right? 

Well, it truly is. The Brillhart House is a bigger tiny house, but its mystique oozes even from just one glance. The front facade has a wide porch covered with rows of shutters. That very porch, apparently, brilliantly connects the indoor and the outdoor spaces.

Sunlight falls on this well-designed house.

Inside, there’s a glaring, wide living room, a kitchen with earthy tones, and a zen bedroom, which is separated by glass sliding doors from the rest of the house. 

The true magic of the Brillhart House lies in its functions. The house itself was designed with the purpose to provide an essential habitat for an individual and a community. Beyond that, it was crafted to reduce environmental impact.

The result is a beautiful house with a winning design and superior efficiency. And the awarding bodies clearly agree that it’s one of the best tiny houses they have seen.

13. “Cahill Cabin” by Cushman Design Group

It’s not just a cabin in the woods!

The Cahill Cabin by Kelley Osgood and Chad Forcier is an actual cabin, but it has a unique quality to it.

Like The Wedge, it’s a fully functioning house with complete amenities. That, together with its warm contemporary elements, made it qualified to be featured in Katie Hutchison’s “The New Cottage”. 

Inside the cabin is a dining area, living room, and kitchen, all wrapped with glass sliding doors. You can stay warm by the fireplace while enjoying the outside view of the greenery and the river.

The Cahill Cabin is located in a fishing camp in rural northern Vermont. Its two bedrooms mainly have wooden furniture and walls. 

Not only is the Cahill Cabin a good vacation dwelling but also a functional and compact home. It gives a new meaning to cottage living, which is often misunderstood by many, unfortunately.

With that defining quality, it’s one of the best tiny houses you can find today. 

14. “Highlands Escape” by Benn and Penna Architects

Escape into this small but voluptuous house.

All these rectangular tiny houses… Where are the curvy ones? Enter Highlands Escape. This sophisticated dwelling by Benn and Penna Architects is anything but boring.

From one look, you might mistake it for a Zaha Hadid piece because of its wavy design. Zaha Hadid designed the famous Heydar Aliyev Center in London.  

However, Highlands Escape is a unique delight on its own. Its wavy exterior look with horizontal lines is actually corrugated Colorbond, which is a famous long-lasting roofing material.

It has an extended porch, which leads you to the front door. Because of its curved shape, the interior space allows the occupants to contemplate. In fact, the living room is surrounded by a wall of bookshelves. 

The designers of Highlands Escape were apparently inspired by Marion Mahony Griffin. Like his quote, “a tiny house, like a tiny temple, can be the perfect work of art”, the architects crafted Highlands Escape in such a way that it’s a tiny masterpiece. It’s undeniably one of the best tiny houses that’s built today. 

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15. “Honey on the Rock” by Daniel Weddle

Honey on the Rock: Quirky, tiny, and sweet?

From wavy to whimsical, we now discuss the quirky Honey on the Rock. Unlike the others, the Honey might look like a McDonald’s play place, but make no mistake—it’s a working tiny house!

Daniel Weddle went all out with wood on this project. Inside, you’ll be met with detailed wooden paneling, circular windows, and rustic metal accents.

With its tiny size, you’ll be delighted to know that a second-floor deck exists, which you can access through the outdoor spiral staircase. Had enough quirk? We’re not even finished yet—there’s a secret door inside the sleeping area!

We can definitely see creatives living in this house. They will be inspired to remain deviant to the mundane with The Honey’s design. However, they won’t be uncomfortable because it’s still a functioning house in which one can live. 

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16. “Cali Duo 2” by Sustain Design Studios

A visual representation of Cali Duo 2 by Sustain Design Studio

We’re done with the curvy and the quirky. Let’s go back to the elegant rectangular houses. First up is the Cali Duo 2, which is a larger tiny house with a front porch. Like the earlier houses that we listed here, it’s like a modern suburban house that’s been shrunk into a more compact size.  

For a prefab model, Cali Duo is a 10/10 looker. It has gorgeous Cedar siding and deck, Baltic Birch Ply interior walls, and cork floors. This model also comes with appliances such as a dishwasher and a fridge.

As for energy efficiency, it’s equipped with a tankless hot water heater and a ventilation system. You can also let them install an air-to-air heat pump. 

A small family who’s cautious with their environmental impact can surely move into this large tiny house.

In the Cali Duo 2 structure, Sustain boasts of an absence of vinyl, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and drywall. An off-grid system will also depend on the homeowners. 

17. “Working Amp House” by Brian Crabb

This groovy tiny house will rock your world.

With its look that resembles a giant amplifier, the Working Amp House is one groovy tiny home.

Its violinist owner, Asha Mevlana, hired the services of her brother, designer Brian Crabb to create a tiny house with a unique look and function. She didn’t just want an ordinary tiny home, hence the amplifier-shaped house. 

The Working Amp’s main house is shaped like an L itself, but the other star here is the extended deck. This is where Asha can host mini-concerts for her friends, family, and neighbors in Arkansas.

She’s also planning to invite other local musicians for music festivals in her home. Inside the house, you will admire the high ceilings.

This is truly a unique piece of work. If it were up to us, it could even become a rental property that will draw a lot of renters because of its fun look. It could also be a tourist attraction if Asha decides to move to a new tiny house. 

18. “AirShip 002” by Roderrick James Architects

The unique rental, AirShip 002 | Photo courtesy of Hypebeast

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut or a pilot? How about going to Mars? You may not reach that dream now, but you can take inspiration from this tiny house that’s shaped like an aircraft. The AirShip 002 is a one-of-a-kind tiny house that will instantly turn the heads of passers-by. 

Designed by the Roderick James Architects, the AirShip 002’s exterior is made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Inside the house, you’ll feel like flying because of the circular windows that resemble those in airplanes. Interestingly, the walls and furniture are a combination of wood and metal, giving you that rustic feel, somehow.

Make no mistake about the AirShip 002. You might think it’s not a liveable house, but once you go inside, you can see that the elements work together just fine. There’s even an island counter that serves as a breakfast table.

The AirShip 002 is available for rental on AirBnB.

19. “The Slim Fit” by Ana Rocha

The Slim Fit at dusk.

You’ve seen tiny houses that are whimsical, curvy, shaped like an amplifier and an airship… Now, brace yourself: a vertical tiny house!

The Slim Fit is a tall tiny house, with its three floors and 538 square feet of liveable area. Indeed, its name is very fitting. Pun intended.

Ana Rocha of Ana Rocha Architecture crafted this house with Ayous hardwood and birchwood. Outside, it resembles a stack of Jenga blocks and a wooden version of The Powerpuff Girls’ house.

But even though it has an intimidating look, this house is notably a downsizing wonder with its small carbon footprint. In fact, each floor is only 176 square feet!

The Slim Fit is ideal for people who want something out of the ordinary, but still a comfortable and practical living space.

It’s certainly not for those people with mobility difficulties or people with worsening back pain because of the stairs.

20. “Wave House” by Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi

Side view of The Wave.

We have finally arrived at the final house. Since this list is colorful with the different designs of tiny houses, why not end it with an oddly shaped tiny house?

The last one on our list is the Wave House, which is, you’ve guessed it—a wavy tiny house. 

The Wave House was actually a competition winner. In February 2019, the Wave House won the Ryterna Modul’s Architectural Challenge. It was a contest for the houses with the least impact on the environment. The Wave House beat the others with its curved structure and large glass windows. 

The Wave House is truly an architectural feat not just because of its shape but also because of its recycling technology. It has a refinery tank, which recycles and purifies the used sink and shower water.

The curved structure also serves as a storage for the water supply for the heaters. The design is nothing but revolutionary. 

Best Tiny Houses: Design Trends in 2020

Do you want your tiny house to stand out in the crowd despite its size? Tiny houses are known to lose value quickly. Therefore, if you’re planning to make it a rental business in the future, you have to spruce it up. A well-maintained property will retain value easily. 

You can take a hint from these 2020 design trends. 

1. Scandinavian interiors 

Scandinavian interior design has been a superstar in the design world for a long time now. However, it never goes out of style because of its roots in minimalism, functionality, and impeccable style.

For your tiny house, you can embody this design movement using light wood, warm textiles, metallic-wood accents, and neutral-colored flooring.

2. Pop a color of Jester Red

And do it in small doses. In a tiny house, neutral colors are ideal since they create the illusion of a larger area. However, too much beige will become boring eventually.

As a result, you have to breathe life into your rooms. Why not try Jester Red? This maroon-red hue will bring an elegant and sexy atmosphere to a tiny house washed with muted colors. 

3. Grandmillennial Style 

Grandmillennial Style is another term for a “New Traditionalist.” This design trend incorporates the elements of a granny’s lifestyle and home decor. However, this time, they’re adding a Millennial twist to it.

We’re talking about floral wallpapers, botanical prints, chandeliers, vases, etc. It may sound like this trend is about clutter, but you can avoid that by being selective with your statement pieces. 

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4. Marrying the old and new

Another hot trend is mixing old and new interior decors. More homeowners are grabbing luxurious period pieces and partnering them with contemporary lighting, rugs, and couches.

This approach is not new, but if you can pair contrasting accessories with each other, then it will never stay out of touch. 

5. Gravity-defying furniture

Furniture pieces without legs or with unusual shapes are becoming big. As more people are being into granny pods and container houses, their furniture choices will also downsize.

The good thing about going “legless” is that they look lighter in the house. They are also easier to clean. The only drawback is that if they’re mounted on the wall, you can’t easily move them. 

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Final thoughts

These tiny houses are not just homes—they can also be works of art. 

If you are still planning to build or buy a tiny house, you could borrow an element or two from any of the dwellings we listed above. 

Remember, a tiny house could also be your investment, too. Why not opt for something special when you’re planning the design, right? 

Do you know any other awesome tiny houses that exist? Share them to us below!

Related questions

Where can you find tiny house floor plans? 

You can find free tiny house floor plans on Pinterest. If you want to go DIY and if you have prior building experience, you can take inspiration from them. However, having a custom floor plan by a pro will give you peace of mind. If you want to buy blueprints, House Plans sells them on their site.  

What is the average cost of a tiny house?

The average cost of a tiny house lies between $30,000 to $40,000. Depending on the materials, craftsmanship, and location, tiny houses can cost you up to $180,000.

One of the factors that heavily affect the cost is the location. The cost of building one will be determined by local building codes. Therefore, if your state is not yet open to tiny house living, then you might have to pay for more just to live in one. 

Can You Rent A Tiny Home? What You Need To Know?

Can You Rent A Tiny Home? What You Need To Know?

Renting is a great alternative to use something temporarily, instead of owning it. You can rent almost everything from cars to houses. But can you rent a tiny home which is a cross between a house and a recreational vehicle?

Absolutely, yes. You can even rent a tiny home at the click of a mouse or a swipe of your smartphone. Moreover, there are tons of tiny homes you can choose from depending on your preferences and budget.

Renting a tiny home through any online platform is easy. The process usually requires you to fill out a quick form and set the date you want to rent the unit. However, there are lots of differences between renting a tiny home and a traditional house or room. 

If You Rent a Tiny Home, Is It Legal?

Different states have varying zoning laws with regards to tiny homes. Some states ban the establishment of tiny homes in a lot of property. However, there are also some jurisdictions that allow them provided that they met several specifications. 

In certain states, tiny houses can be classified as accessory dwelling units (ADU). What this basically means is that they share the property with a larger house. Most of the tiny home rentals often have this kind of setup. You can also find tiny homes for rent that is part of a small house village. 

Just to be on the safe side, you can also check the zoning laws of the place you want to stay in to check if its legal or not. Also, you can ask the owner of the place regarding this issue. 

Rent a tiny home online

Where to Find Tiny Home Listings Online?

Booking a tiny house anywhere in the US and even in the world can be done online. There are numerous platforms that lists down mobile tiny homes and their fixed counterpart. Many of these sites have built-in filters which can narrow down the tiny home that best suits your preferences. 

Below are some of the online property listings where you can find the most unique tiny homes:

1. AirBnB

AirBnB is one of the largest rental properties listing site in the world. You can find almost every type of rentals here from small apartment rooms to luxury yachts. The renter can also directly deal with the owner of the private property. Sometimes you can even tour the inside of the house, before you decide to book it.

Renting a tiny house via AirBnB is a wise choice if you are on a tight budget. They are cheaper than hotel rooms or any commercial rentals. Moreover, some of these tiny homes are very proximate to the nature attractions in their respective areas.  

Tiny home for rent AirBnB

The San Diego cottage tiny home in California is one of the most booked tiny home listed in AirBnB.The trailer home is parked in a rural county just north of the city. A night’s stay only cost $97 and features an open-plan space. It also has  a large deck out, a sleeping loft and its own kitchenette. 

To find the tiny home, simply head over to their website. On the homepage, select the date of your stay and type in the area or place. Then, choose the number of occupants specifying the number of adults and children.

Finally, for a more specific search results, you can use the filter feature. On the initial results page, click on the “more filters” button  to unlock more preferences. Under the “unique stays” section click “show all unique stays” and tick the box for “tiny houses.”

2. Tiny House Listings

If you want a listing platform is very specific to tiny homes, then this is the website you should visit. has everything tiny home related including the renting and selling of tiny home properties. 

Many of the small houses listed are meant for long-term rentals of at least one month. The platform is quite well-designed and quite interactive. You can even filter based on the type of tiny home- from a park model to a converted bus type. Additionally, you can also filter based on the distance or proximity of the tiny house.

The website advertises tiny home builders and small home properties for sale. Another nifty feature that they have is the price history of the property. The change in the value of the tiny home can help you decide if it’s a worthy purchase or investment. 

Signing up on their platform unlocks numerous features including a “one-touch” contacting of the lister. Furthermore, most of the listings have separate prices for a night’s stay and a month-long rent.  

TIny house for rent

3. Try It Tiny is another property listing platform that caters tiny homes. While it’s fairly new compared to the previous platforms, its building its customer base fast. The platform has that minimalist and classical layout. 

Unlike most websites in the list, Try It Tiny publishes user reviews of each listing. The feedback from previous renters can help you decide if the tiny house matches your preferences. Furthermore, it can help you prepare for issues that may arise during your stay. 

The filters are pretty much standard and very specific to the nature and design of the small houses. Additionally, there is also a Google map integration into the website so you can have a better plan your visit. 

Try It Tiny also has a section dedicated to event and celebrations across the US. It also details the length of these happenings and their main highlights. The feature is quite useful in planning a vacation, especially in rural areas. 

4. Glamping Hub

“Glamorized camping” or glamping is an activity that everyone will surely love. It’s a more stylish version of your usual camping. However, you don’t have to remove yourself from your usual comforts to be closer with nature. 

tiny house camping

When it comes to a chic camping experience, Glamping Hub has everything covered. The site has a huge collection of listings of every type of camping accommodation. Aside from tiny homes, they also have tree houses, safari tents, tipis, camper vans and more. However, we highly recommend their small homes as they are the most unique and convenient lodging in the bunch. 

While GlampingHub.coms search bar is pretty standard, they have additional filters that makes everything easier. For example, you can even filter the type of structure you want to stay in. You can also indicate specific needs from your accommodation such as WiFi and allowing pets. 

The site shows the user reviews so you can get an idea of what to expect during your stay. Glamping Hub also has its own rating system, from one to five stars, based on said reviews. Moreover, it has Google maps integration so you’ll know right away where the glamping site is located. 

Where Else Can I Rent a Tiny House?

If you didn’t secure a tiny home you want to rent from the sites mentioned above, you can try other online sources. Most of these platforms aren’t technically listings done by a company. Hence, the transactions are often user-to-user which has both pros and cons.

The great thing about them is that you can personally deal with the owner of the tiny home. Thus, you can negotiate the price and even make special requests such as extra comforters or bedding. On the flip side, you need to double check that you are dealing with a legitimate tiny home owner. 

small home for rent

Below are other places on the Internet where you can find tiny homes for rent:

1. Craigslist

Almost everything is on Craigslist, from jobs to gadgets and even properties for sale or rent. There are a few tiny homes for rent posts in this advertisement website. You can find most small home accommodations under the “vacation rentals” tab.

Craigslist’s layout, however, is very basic which equates to simple posts. The photos uploaded often have low resolution. The site also doesn’t have filters unlike the platforms discussed above. Overall, it’s still a great website to search for tiny home rentals.

2. Tiny House Communities and Forums  

These online communities abound the Internet. They usually discuss every topic on how to downsize to small homes. It serves as a direct link between small house owners to share their experiences and find solutions to their problems. 

You can even find them on popular websites such as Reddit under the TinyHouses sub-group. Some users also post their tiny home rentals on these websites. The great thing about browsing these pages is that you can get a lot of feedback from other users. Moreover, you can also get advice on living a simpler life. 

3. Tiny House Village Finder

The website is one of the sprawling tiny house village online locators. As the name suggests, it catalogs the many tiny house villages on the US. Most of the villages listed here have units that are also for rent. 

However, the website is fairly new so the number of villages listed are still quite a few. The great thing about the platform is that it has the contact info of the village and the starting price of a night’s stay in the village. Overall, it’s a great place to look for if you want to rent a tiny home with neighbors or a community around. 

mobile tiny houses community

Can I Rent a Tiny Home on Wheels?    

The concept of the Tiny House Movement is fairly new in the US and different states have varying laws about them. Some states consider tiny homes pulled by vehicles as recreational vehicles (RVs). Meanwhile, other states put them in a unique category of a “mobile” property.

Whichever the case, you can still rent a mobile tiny home albeit there are several guidelines to follow. For example, renting the small home unit may require a special certification or document while it is under your care. These papers are required so that ownership of the tiny home can still be traced back in case something unexpected happens.

In most cases, you also have to rent a vehicle that can pull the tiny home. There are even instances that you might need a commercial driver’s license to tow a small house. In short, you may also need to rent a car just so you can drive around your rented tiny home.

If you have decided to rent one, make sure to deal only with companies and not individual owners. Dealing with a company is much safer and there are fewer legal repercussions. Furthermore, some companies will also supply you with the “towing” car depending on the arrangement. 

However, renting a mobile home also requires you to sign a contract that has several stipulations. For example, the agreement can limit the areas where you can drive the mobile home. It can also stipulate penalties for delayed return of the tiny home unit.    

renting a tiny home

Should I Rent Short-Term or Long-Term?

When renting a tiny home, you usually have two options when it comes to the length of your stay. Much like every other property for rent, the owners typically bill you different rates depending on your accommodation period. 

Short-term rent usually covers a few days up to less than a month. On average, a tiny home can charge you $50 to $250 a night. Hence, if you stayed at a tiny home that charges $70 a night and you were there for 3 days, that’s $210 in total.

On the other hand, long-term rent usually covers a month’s worth of rent or more. Most small house owners charge you ten times their per night rate for a month-long stay. So, if they usually charge $70 a night, a month-long rent will cost you $700. 

In general, renting long-term is much cheaper. You can think of it like buying by the dozen or a bundle. However, there are some cases that staying longer than a few days might be more expensive. For example, if you are only booked for three-days and would like to extend, the owner might put additional charges.

Hence, before renting a tiny home make sure you have a plan and an itinerary during your stay. If you are renting for less than 10 days then go short-term. Anything longer than that, you should consider booking long-term especially if the owner added it as an option. 

tiny house for lease

Renting to Own a Tiny Home

Vacation isn’t the only reason why you may want to rent a tiny home. Some companies also offer tiny homes in a “rent to own” agreement. Basically, what it means is that you rent it for a specific period and once all payments are met the unit is yours. 

There are two main types of rent to own agreements:

  1. Lease purchase which ends on a given period gives you the option to buy the house
  2. Lease purchase which ends at the end of the lease legally obliges you to buy it.

On average, most tiny homes cost anywhere between $20,000 to $60,000 for the contractors to build. Monthly rentals for tiny homes usually have a price tag of $120 to $480 a month. 

If you want to enter a rent to own agreement you need to pay a downpayment of $500 to $3,000, depending on the amount you loaned. Some tiny house builders also offer financing options.

You can use a mortgage calculator to calculate the payments involved in this kind of agreement. 


Renting a tiny home is legal in most states, especially if they are used for recreational purposes. A small house is a great place to stay in during your vacation. Its a practical accommodation that brings you closer to nature.

Related Questions 

Are pets allowed in a tiny home for rent?

That depends entirely on the owner. Some rentals allow pets, however, they also limit the number and types of animals you can bring. Some breeds of large dogs are often not allowed in a tiny home. However, some units also have their own dog houses where you can put your canine companions.

Before booking a tiny home for rent, make sure to address the owner regarding your pets. Sometimes, they can charge you extra for non-disclosure of you bringing your fur babies inside their home. 

What determines the price of a tiny home rental?

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the price of a tiny home rental. For example, the size of the house and the number of beds or rooms are some of the largest contributors. The amenities, such as a kitchenette and appliances, also factor in to the cost of the rent.

Other factors such as the proximity of the tiny home to the different tourist destinations in the area also contribute to the price. Below are some of the other factors that can affect the rental fee:

  • Water and power rates in the area
  • Allowing pets inside the home
  • Proximity to the city or tourist spots
  • Home features such as a balcony or patio
  • The view which surrounds the tiny home

Can You Make Money Renting a Tiny Home?

Definitely, yes. All things considered, building a tiny home is much cheaper than your conventional house. While the rent may be lower and the demands are not as high, you can still make a generous amount of money in it. 

On average, tiny home rentals go anywhere between $50 to $250 a night. Which is not bad considering that you can build one for just over $20,000. Meaning, you only need around 100 to 500  booked nights to get a Return on Investment (ROI).