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The Ultimate List Of Tiny Home Communities

The Ultimate List Of Tiny Home Communities

One of the main challenges of living in a tiny home is finding a place where you can settle it either temporarily or permanently. Fortunately, numerous tiny home communities in the country were built to accommodate these alternative housing. But, where are these tiny house villages, exactly?

Many of the tiny house communities are located in states that are known to be friendlier to the Tiny House Movement. Jurisdictions and townships that have experienced housing crisis are also much more open to establishing a tiny house village in their public lands. 

Tiny houses became a popular housing alternative right after the global financial crisis of 2006. During that time, small homes became a temporary shelter to the thousands of homeless people who were affected by the economic upheaval in the US.

Tiny Home Communities

Where are Tiny Home Communities?

According to estimates of tiny home manufacturers, there are roughly 10,000 to 12,000 tiny homes across the country. However, they expect this number to grow exponentially as more people are exposed to the Tiny House Movement. 

Below are some of the tiny house communities in the US. 

1. LuxTiny- Lakeside, Arizona

Location: 1412 Amanda Dr, Lakeside, AZ 85929

Nestled just 15 minutes from the nearby ski slopes, LuxTiny has access to forests, lakes, and hiking trails. This six-acre tiny house community has 45 spaces and is the perfect temporary residence when you are vacationing in Arizona. The famous Scott’s Reservoir is also just minutes away from the site. 

The place also accepts permanent and temporary residence. You can also lease a plot or even a ready-made tiny house for your convenience. The fee covers sewerage, rubbish collection, and water. Moreover, you can also fish in the nearby Rainbow Lake.

2. Lemon Cove Village- Sequoia National Park, California

Location: 32075 Sierra Dr, Lemon Cove, CA

If you ever find yourself visiting the Sequoia National Park while in a tiny mobile house, then you shouldn’t worry about where to park your home. The Lemon Cove Village is a popular RV park and campground that also accepts tiny houses. 

This village of sorts is located at the base of the park and is only 25 miles away from Sequoia National Park and the nearby Kings Canyon National Park. You can also do tons of activities in the area such as hiking, water rafting, fishing, and even shopping in the town of Lemon Cove.

Here is a helpful Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park map to help you navigate the area.

3. Whispering Aspen- Fairplay, Colorado

Location: 359 Fuller Drive Fairplay, CO 80440

Encircled by the renowned Mosquito Mountain Range, Whispering Aspen is half an hour away from Breckenridge– a famous ski destination. The community is a mix of full-time residents and a few renters. 

This tiny house community is also a perfect place to spend warmer seasons thanks to a variety of nature activities. Some of the things you can do here are ATV-offroading, horseback riding, hiking, and climbing.

Guests can also choose to rent a variety of living spaces such as a tiny house on wheels, Recreational Vehicles, and cabins. It also has its own recreational area, hot tubs, and fully-equipped clubhouse. 

4. Riverview at Cleora- Salida, Colorado

Location: County Road 102. Salida, CO

Developed by Sprout Tiny Homes, a leading designer of tiny houses, Riverview sits on a 19 acre of land that includes the Arkansas River frontage. The spot is perfect for nature lovers and adventurists alike. Currently, the development has space for 200 tiny homes on wheels.

The Riverview grounds also have its own management office, catering kitchen, a restaurant, and even exercise facilities. 

5. WeeCasa- Lyons, Colorado

Location: 501 W Main St, Lyons, CO 80540

According to its developer, the WeeCasa is the world’s biggest tiny home resort. The place acts as a gateway to the Rockies and all of its nature-based activities. Lyons and the surrounding areas are famous for its nature trails, water sports, mountain biking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. 

The community started as a partnership of neighbors who were recovering from a major flood in 2013. There are several small house units you can choose from to rent on a per night basis. Depending on the season, you can even experience different music festivals, brewery tours, and art and culture activities. 

beautiful tiny house village

6. Orlando Lakefront Community- Orlando, Florida

Location: 3405 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32804

Situated near the majestic Orlando Lake, this tiny home village has some of the gorgeous small dwellings for rent. The park currently has 50 spaces for lease, half of which already has a small house in place. The developer can also get your own customized tiny home on wheels once you decide to settle in.

The community is also a mix of retirees and young professionals who want to enjoy the sun and lake. Moreover, the place is also a place where mobile tiny home owners can legally park. 

You also won’t run out of things to do in this area as there are nearby tourist attractions and even a theme park nearby. Residents can also enjoy numerous amenities such as a green park, fishing, and boat docks.

7. Green Bridge Farm- Effingham County, Georgia

Location: 1302 Zittrouer Rd, Guyton, GA 31312

If you want to settle your tiny home close to nature, then Green Bridge Farm is the right place for you. This eco-friendly development covers 25 wooded acres and has 1.2-acre meant for building your own tiny house. 

True to being sustainable, the place also has four acres of community vegetable garden and even a fruit orchard. While gardening is not mandatory for its residents, everyone is welcome to maintain and plant their crops here. 

You can own a pre-built unit here for only $45,0000. Many of the tiny house units are built over a trailer to exempt them from a building permit. Furthermore, most of the houses were constructed using recycled materials and even has solar panels. 

8. The Shire Village- Mountaintown, Ellijay, Georgia

Location: 772 Heritage Way, Ellijay, GA 30540

Currently, the largest tiny home village in the southeast US, the Shire Village, is situated on a 50- acres mountain property in Northern Georgia. It is among the most popular retreat areas for tiny house enthusiasts who are also outdoor lovers. 

Shire Village also has access to a nearby river and lake. Furthermore, the developer offers customized tiny house units that you can settle on a one-acre lot. 

9. Airstream Village- Las Vegas, Nevada 

Location: N 11th St & Fremont St; Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

If you’ve ever been to downtown Las Vegas, then you must head to the Airstream Village. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh lives in one of the trailers of this Burning Man-inspired tech-savvy trailer park. Tiny home owners are also welcome to this village.

The popular airstream trailer, which measures 240-square-feet, can be rented for $1,200 a month. The rent includes utilities, WiFi, and several amenities that you can only get in this trailer park. They also have 140-square-feet tiny homes developed by Tumbleweed small houses in this facility.  

10. Second Wind- Ithaca, New York

Location: 1435 Elmira Rd, Newfield, NY 14867

Officially called Second Wind Cottages, this collection of tiny houses provide shelter for the homeless. Started by Carmen Guidi, the village is situated on a seven-acre land that currently houses 21 dwelling units. 

However, the cottages are only for male occupants. Occupants are not necessarily required to pay rent, but any fees they can afford to give is welcome. Additionally, the complex also has its food pantry, exercise equipment, laundry facilities, and free counseling. 

tiny home complex

11. Cedar Springs Tiny Village- New Paris, Ohio

Location: 300 Cedar Springs Rd, New Paris, OH 45347

This tiny home village got its name from the mature cedar trees that surround the area. Situated in a settlement with a magnificent lakefront, Cedar Springs is the perfect vacation and retirement spot. 

The village was brought to life thanks to a collaboration of Gerald Brubaker and Modern Tiny Living. The community comes with several amenities such as private parking, a community garden. It even has its recycling program to make everything sustainable.  

Consequently, the developer can also provide a tiny built-in house for those who want to settle permanently in the area. One of its popular models, the Clover, costs $89,000. For that price, the unit comes with a lapped smart siding, the sturdy exterior with steel roof, and an electric water heater. 

12. Caravan Tiny House Hotel- Portland, Oregon

Location: 5009 NE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97211

Dubbed as the pioneering tiny house hotel, the Caravan is a model of what a modern small house community should look like. However, unlike most of the places in this list, this tiny house hotel only accepts temporary residences. 

Visitors can choose to book any of its five tiny home models. Each unit has one bedroom and one bathroom and can accommodate three to four people. The Caravan also does tours wherein guests can drive around in a tiny home for a completely minimalist lifestyle experience. 

Rates during weekday range from $125 to $135, while weekend prices are between $145 and $155 depending on the season. Holiday and spring rates are at $185 per night. 

13. Emerald Village- Eugene, Oregon

Location: 25 N. Polk St. 97402 Eugene, OR 97402

These self-managed tiny house communities were meant to provide safe housing for people who are transitioning to a more permanent living setup. Developed by SquareOne Villages, the place offers affordable micro-housing options. 

It currently has 22 tiny house units, which are all built on a slab foundation. Each dwelling has a 160 to 228 square feet area. The houses also have a living room, dining room, sleeping quarters, kitchenette, and bathroom. 

14. Dignity Village- Portland, Oregon

Location: 9401 NE Sunderland Ave, Portland, OR 97211

This city-recognized encampment of homeless people is now a tiny home community of sorts. Portland recently declared it as a “ transitional housing campground,” as defined by the city code. The village also has electricity and numerous facilities for cooking, sanitary, and social functions. 

Almost anyone can become a part of this tiny home community provided they abide by the village’s basic rules. However, no children are allowed in the community because past criminal convictions do not prevent someone from being a member. 

15. Tiny Estates- Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Location: 867 Schwanger Rd, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Hollywood celebrity and comedian Kevin Hart owns a tiny house in this tiny house village. He even curated the unit in Herald Square in NYC through a partnership with booking.com. It’s now settled at Tiny Houses and can be rented for a few hundred dollars a night.

Tiny Estates is situated in a 14-acre property that has at least 25 small houses on site. The management also allows people to bring their own tiny houses into the area or rent the available units.

mobile tiny homes

16. Lake Walk Tiny Home Community- Greer, South Carolina

Location: 2901-2983 N Hwy 101, Greer, SC 29651

Nestled near the shores of Lake Cunningham in the town of Greer in South Carolina, this unique tiny home community is a perfect vacation and retirement spot. Permanent and temporary residents here can live a simpler and more flexible lifestyle.

The community currently offers four different styles of micro houses, with each measuring under 400 square feet. Additionally, the place has green zones and a common area next to the lake. It is the ideal place for people who love boating, fishing, or just being with nature. 

One of its best units is the 399-square foot The Alexander, which features twin bunks, a large loft, and a downstairs bedroom. 

17. Community First!- Austin, Texas

Location: 9301 Hog Eye Rd Suite 950, Austin, TX 78724

Located just 10 miles northeast of Austin, this $18-million tiny house village is operated by a faith-based nonprofit. Community First! is a collection of 100 RVs, 20 cottages, and 140 micro homes that offer affordable housing for the chronically homeless and disabled. 

The village covers 27-acres of land, which also has its community market, gardens, walking trails, medical facility, and wireless Internet. Furthermore, it has its bed and breakfast for visitors and has a nearby Capital Metro bus stop. Currently, there are about 200-residents in the tiny house community, including 45 missionaries. 

18. Vintage Grace- Yantis, Texas

Location: 136 N. Main Street, Yantis, TX 75497

A little east of Dallas lies the Instagrammable tiny house village of Vintage Grace. This communal space is comprised of 25 wooded acres of land that is surrounded by four ponds. Currently, there are over 55 tiny homes that are for lease.

Furthermore, the village also has its own community garden and communal center. It also has that laid back countryside ambiance that its developer said can “rejuvenate your spirit.” 

19. Quixote Village- Olympia, Washington

Location: 3350 Mottman Rd SW ​Olympia, WA 98512

This one’s self-governing tent camp meant for the homeless of Olympia has become a full-blown tiny home community. Quixote village now has over 30 small houses that were built using donation money. 

The original tiny home village opened its doors on December 24, 2013, and accommodated the homeless folks in Thurston County. Today, the Quixote Community also has micro house villages for veterans in Orting and Shelton. 

20. Boneyard Studios- Washington, D.C.

Location: 925 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest Washington, D.C.

This village was established in 2012 and is one of the pioneers of a tiny house community. It started as a cooperative project on an old alley. Over the years, its founders Brian Levy and Lee Pera, have hosted numerous events to promote the Tiny House Movement.

They used to have two tiny homes for rent– the Matchbox, a 140-square-foot abode, and the Pera House, a 145-square foot dwelling. In 2014, the community had to be closed because of new zoning laws in the area. However, the uninhabited units are still there to this day to showcase the humble beginnings of tiny homes. 

21. Occupy Madison Village- Madison, Wisconsin

Location: 304 N Third St, Madison, WI 53704

Formed in 2011 and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, this tiny house village is composed of 99-square foot dwellings. What started as a homeless encampment on East Washington Avenue is now a small community.

 Many of the housing units here are built through volunteer labor and costs around $4,500 each. Today, the village includes a makeshift kitchen, communal bathrooms, gardens, and a woodshop wares where the locals sell their goods. 

tiny homes in the us

These are just some of the tiny house communities we know of as the time of writing. There are dozens of other tiny house villages which were not mentioned in this article because they are still on the initial stages of being certified as a legal tiny home community. 

Are There Any Tiny Home Communities in Canada?

The world got word of the Tiny House Movement when Sarah Susanka released her book “The Not So Big House” in 1998. According to her, house developers and homeowners should “build better, not bigger.”

A couple of years later, Jay Shafer also released “The Small House Book,” where he shares his thoughts and journey of building a tiny home. From there, the Tiny House Movement snowballed into what it is today. According to tiny house developers, there are currently between 12,000 to 15,000 small houses in the U.S.

About a few years back, Canada has also picked up on this new housing trend. While there are not as many as those in the US, the Maple nation also has a few tiny house communities. 

Below are some of these tiny house villages:

  1. Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village located at 5775 Har-Lee’s Place Road, Terrace, BC V8G 0A2
  2. Homes for Heroes Village located at 2424 4 St SW #900, Calgary, AB T2S 2T4

Meanwhile, many other tiny house communities are still in the planning phase. For example, Tiny Homes Simply Home Community is planning to set up in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Advantages of Living in Tiny Home Communities

There are numerous living arrangements you can do if you live in a tiny home. You can drive it around and stop in places where it’s legal to park, such as campsites, RV parks, and in some states in private land. Or you can settle your unit in your backyard as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

small house village

However, of all the places where you can build or park your tiny home, nothing beats being in a tiny home community. There is something about living with like-minded people that makes it irreplaceable.

Aside from that, there are also several benefits to living in a tiny house village, such as:

1. Sustainability

TIny house villages are often built on a large piece of land. For this reason, a lot of them have a community garden where you can plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. Growing your crops in these lands can help you lower your food costs.

Additionally, most tiny house communities are also nestled near forests or lakes. Forest provides different resources such as herbal plants and wood. Meanwhile, ponds can be a good source of fish and even water activities.  

2. Amenities

Developers of the new tiny home communities often add numerous facilities in their properties to make it more attractive. Aside from sewerage, power, and water, you can also gain access to recreational facilities like a basketball court.

Some tiny house villages even go the distance by creating their events and bazaars. Moreover, transitional little house communities often have shops where locals can sell their crafts and products to their visitors. 

3. Security

Another advantage of living in a tiny house village is it adds a layer of protection among its inhabitants. The more people living around, the tighter its security against thieves and robbers gets. This is doubly true if you live in a community that looks out for one another. 

Tiny house villages also bring out the communal values that you usually don’t get when living in an apartment or a suburb. Because every resident gets to interact with their neighbors, their bonds get stronger. Hence, it’s common for people here to lend a hand to one another. 

4. Community Activities

Residing in a tiny home community also means being part of a larger group. Hence, there are often more community activities you can join. The best part of it is that many of these events, such as free movie viewing, doesn’t require you to spend money.

You can also do numerous activities with other people, such as group hikes or building tables for a picnic area. In short, it allows you to connect with people and help out for the good of everyone in the community. 

Cost of Living in Tiny Home Communities

Living in a tiny home community can be cheap or expensive, depending on your preference. If you are renting out a small house unit, it can cost you a few hundred dollars a month, depending on your landlord.

tiny house village

However, you can bring down the rental cost if you own a tiny mobile home. In this scenario, you only have to pay for the use of a vacant lot or parking space. On average, monthly parking fees on tiny home villages are between $50 to $200.

Some tiny home communities also ask additional fees to cover some of the basic homeowner’s services like:

  • Sewerage
  • Cable and Internet Access
  • Waste Disposal
  • Community Kitchen Usage
  • Overall Maintenance

Depending on which tiny home community you are in, these fees can sot you around $100 to $250. Some community developers also include this to your rental prices, while others prefer you pay them separately. 


Tiny home communities are a great place to settle your little dwelling, especially if you are the type who wants to be surrounded by like-minded people. Furthermore, it also gives you that communal spirit of being part of being larger than just yourself or your family. Ultimately, its a village that can bolster not only security but also sustainability. 

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Related Questions

What are the main challenges of living in a tiny house village?

Many of the tiny house villages in the list are located in areas outside of towns or cities. Hence, it can be quite challenging to commute to the center of a city, especially if you did not own a car. Some villages also don’t have the usual amenities you get from traditional communities such as Internet access and cable TV. 

Is it expensive to live in a tiny house community?

Not necessarily. There are numerous tiny house villages in the country that serves different classes of people. Some communities even let you park on their vacant lots for a meager fee and sometimes for free.

The general rule, however, is that if the tiny house village offers tons of amenities, it’s likely to have a higher lease or rent. Additionally, if the community is near a renowned vacation spot or tourist destination, then it can also increase their fees, especially during the peak seasons.