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Host a Party in Your Tiny Home: The Ultimate Guide

Host a Party in Your Tiny Home: The Ultimate Guide

Think it’s not possible to host a party in your tiny home

Well, you’re wrong. 

You may think an awesome party is out of your means because your abode is small. However, you can actually host a party in your tiny home—just prepare a layout, clear the cutter, be smart with food and drink arrangement, simplify the menu, and extend your serving areas. 

Nevertheless, yes, you’re right—throwing a party is never a walk in the park, let alone hosting it in a tiny home. That’s why we created an ultimate guide, so you can throw an unforgettable party in your cute house. 

Read to know more. 

How to host a party in your tiny home?

Just follow our steps to give your friends an unforgettable time!

1. Prepare a party layout

example of a party layout
This is an example of a party layout or map. | Source

If you still have your house’s floor plan or blueprint, you can use that as a guide to creating a party layout. 

The purposes of creating a party layout are to:

  • regulate the traffic inside your tiny home; 
  • be more in control if something goes wrong since you know the rightful place of anything; 
  • arrange furniture easily, and;
  • avoid disarray and clutter during and after the party.

Meanwhile, it’s okay if you make a layout without knowing your floorplan. It doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed—you just need to map out the essential areas in your house. 

Although, the number of components of your party layout will also depend on the type of party you’re throwing. However, in almost any North American party, you can see these on party layouts. 

  • Coat and bag area
  • Food table 
  • Beverage stations
  • Sanitation area
  • Bar
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen
  • Entrance/Exit doors

If you want your party guests not to get lost, you can also include the layout in your invitations. Also, by handing them a map, they will be more informed if you give them a house tour!

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2. Clear the clutter. 

clutter under a small reds couch
Get rid of clutter before it gets rids of fun.

Done creating a partial party layout? Now, it’s time to clear the clutter in your tiny house. By clutter, we mean anything that’s not necessary for the party. 

Now, we assume you’re not hoarding that many unnecessary items, considering you’re living in a tiny house. However, you still need to make space for the people and leave only the essentials. 

Here’s how to do it. 

  • Make the common areas more spacious. That will be your living room, bar, and the seats in your yard if you’re placing several there. If you can, move all the furniture to the wall. 
  • Remove anything that blocks the entryways, passageways, doors, and windows. This is both for your safety and for avoiding congestion. 
  • Place only the essential cutlery and utensils in your kitchen sink. 
  • Remove the almost stale food in your refrigerator. 
  • Display wall decor, artwork, or photos, instead of centerpieces, extra chairs, or small tables. The latter will only take the space that surrounds your bar or your main food station. Guests tend to linger around these areas, so it’s best to ensure an allowance around those.
  • Put up extra lights inside or outside your tiny house for a chill ambience. 
  • Prepare cleaning/sanitary products nearby for those inevitable spills and food drops.

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3. Be smart with the food & drink arrangements. 

finger foods and guests in a party
Strategize with your food and drink arrangements.

Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs, a celebrity caterer from New York, has some great tips about food and beverage in a tiny house party. 

  • Spread bite-sized food everywhere—your kitchen, common areas, dinner table, coffee table, etc. This way, your guests won’t be confined and cramped in one area when they’re hungry. 
  • Put up a bar with only one to two signature drinks and put up a sign indicating the signature cocktail drinks. This way, people won’t gather around that area. 
  • Use 7-inch dinner plates instead of 10-inch dinner plates. 
  • Finally, you should avoid serving food that requires using utensils.
  • Pour candies and mints into tall containers like glasses or vases. 

PRO tip: Since guests will surely move around a lot, you don’t want them to keep asking you where to find some spoons or snacks or mints. Instead, you can hang up an unused and clean shoe organizer for storing utensils, snacks, paper napkins, etc. 

4. Simplify your menu 

Simplicity is the key to making the perfect menu for a tiny house party. You don’t also need heaps of ingredients and spices to whip up the best party foods.

Here are some recipes we highly recommend if you want to host a party in your tiny home:

Finger foods that don’t take up too much space

spread of vertical stacks of grazing foods on a table in a party.
Grazing food is suitable for parties.

These recipes are easy-to-make, bite-sized, and space-friendly. You can also readily find them at your nearby deli or grocery unless you want imported products.

  • Grazing table (Charcuterie, cheeses, berries, green olives, crackers, etc.)
  • Deviled eggs with herbs
  • Fruit-and-cheese kebabs/kabobs (Strawberries, cheddar, kiwi, and green grapes in a skewer)
  • Classic bruschetta (French bread with tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil)
  • Baked vegetable chips (Carrot, beets, sweet potatoes, taros, etc.) 

Bar: Easy to make cocktails 

two glasses of gin and tonic with lemon wedges
Gin and tonic with lemon wedges.

Here are some inexpensive mixes that don’t need many ingredients. 

  • Lemon drop martinis (Vodka, lemon juice, and sugar)
  • Gin and tonic (Gin and lime or gin and any fruit syrup or juice)
  • Rum and coke (Add lime for a citrusy kick)
  • Mojitos (Rum, mint, and club soda)
  • Perfect White Russian (Vodka, milk, coffee liqueur, and Baileys)
  • Tanqueray & Lemonade (Tanqueray gin, lemonade, and lemons)

PRO tip: Make your humble kitchen sink a cooler for wine and other alcoholic drinks.

5. Extend your serving areas. 

couch made of hay in the yard with light bulbs above it
Stacks of hay creatively turned into a couch for a party

Do you have a spacious area outside your tiny house? Great. You can extend your serving areas outside—don’t just cram all the excitement in your cute abode. 

You can create activities that require your guests to participate outside. 

For example, if the weather is nice, you can give your guests the option to just wind down, stargaze, and play some card games. You can set up a small telescope, lay down a blanket, and place a picnic basket of cheese, wine, and fruits. 

Also, the couch you moved out of your house? You can drape it with a fancy blanket and place them outside. You can also place more grazing tables outside to free some space inside your house.

This will also create the illusion that you have a bigger venue. 

6. Just make the whole space comfortable, clever, and casual. 

three people enjoying a pizza on a table
Make your friends and guests comfortable no matter what!

Since you will host a party in your tiny home, your goals should be to make your guests comfortable and give them a good time. To create an upbeat, chill vibe, then you can do a few tricks to make things more casual. 

  • Encourage your guests to label their drinks by writing their names on sticky notes and then sticking it to their glasses. This way, you won’t deal with stacks of cups or glass shots. 
  • Have an empty corner at a common area? Lay down a blanket and place some throw pillows. Since you won’t be putting a couch or some space-consuming chairs, they might want to relax by sitting on the floor. 
  • Instead of spreading snacks and delicacies on a table, use cupcake stands, tiered trays, and risers to display the finger foods. 
  • Compensate by giving good entertainment and playing tasteful music. It’s already a small space—you can’t allow things to get boring. As a result, prepare some interesting games or activities that don’t require much moving. Play music to liven up the mood.  
  • Avoid turning on the TV. In our own experience, a party should be an engagement between multiple individuals. It’s not the appropriate time for a person or for two people to focus on sports or the news.


It’s not an impossible task to throw a party in your tiny home. In fact, such a restriction will only let you focus on having fun and spending time with your guests—instead of consistently tending to mere decorations. And if you follow our tips, you might just host a party in your tiny home that’s truly unforgettable.

Related questions 

How do throw a dinner party in a small setting?

This is a small setting, therefore it will be beneficial for the host and the guests to graze on bite-sized meals. This will also minimize the noise that the utensils might produce. Extend your buffet-style dinner spread to your coffee table as well. Just maximize your space as much as possible.

How do you accommodate guests in a small space?

If you have a loft, you can buy a cheap but good quality air mattress. Provide a comfortable blanket and clean sheet. Also, prepare them a kit of their essentials—toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, tissue paper, allergy medicine, and some snacks.