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Where to buy your very own tiny house?

Where to buy your very own tiny house?

Where to buy your very own tiny house

Finding a cute house these days is not so difficult. Your real challenges, however, are going through the legalities and making sure it truly fits your lifestyle and needs.

It’s even more complicated when you have a kid.  

So, where can you actually buy your very own tiny house? Here’s the simple answer. You can find plenty of real estate marketplaces online that let you pay for tiny houses. They will then ship it to your location. You can also check out Amazon for prefab tiny houses and blueprints, and then build it yourself.

Want something more? We got you. Below, we listed sites that offer tiny houses, floorplans, and other options. 

Where to buy your very own tiny house

1. Tiny House Listings

interior view of tiny house by Tiny House Listings
Custom 24X8 Tiny House on Wheels – Tiny House Listings

You may have joined the bandwagon by looking for tiny houses; however, that doesn’t mean you have to get similarly designed abodes as well. Good thing an online marketplace such as Tiny House Listings exists. 

As mentioned in their landing page, Tiny House Listings has plenty of interesting and unique house designs to offer.

We checked out their Browse section and they have a pretty diverse array of tiny house designs—from trailer-style houses to minimalist ones. 

People can also post their designs on the site and sell them. So, whether you’re planning to rent, sell, or actually buy one, you can do all of those on THL. 

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to move into a tiny house but your pocket isn’t, you can also opt for their financing. THL has worked with Even Financial to let online buyers apply for up to $100,000-worth of loans on their website. 

Even Financial is an Application Programming Interface (API) for financing mobile applications, so if you’re really serious about applying for a loan, you can do it for free and hassle-free on the site of Tiny House Listings.

Site: tinyhouselistings.com/

2. Amazon 

Although your search won’t be as laser-focus on Amazon compared to others, it’s still a viable option if you’re still looking around. But in all honesty, it has a meh quality to it, but you can still give it a try. 

A search on Google about “Amazon tiny houses” will lead you to this page entitled Tiny Homes: Amazon. On the page, you will find a random mix of unavailable prefab products, very few prefab houses, and documentaries. 

So, instead of browsing further on that page, we suggest you type “tiny houses” at the search bar on the top and then hit enter. Amazon will then lead you to a list of prefab tiny houses.

Although, it will still suggest documentaries about small houses (which is not surprising but still weird). 

Site:  amazon.com/tiny-house/s?k=tiny+house 

3. New Frontier Tiny Homes 

isolated wooden house in the woods
Live Intentionally – New Frontier Tiny Homes

Want a rustic tiny house where you can write in peace, hang out with your friends, or relax with your significant other for a weekend? NFTH might just have something perfect for you. 

On their landing page, you can instantly see a list of beautiful, quaint rustic tiny houses. Made of wood and steel, their small size only accentuates the peaceful vibe they give. 

Those beautiful houses have names, too. Alpha, Escher, Cornelia, and Orchid—and they all have unique designs that cater to a particular buyer’s preference. Cornelia, for example, is designed for writers who want to finally finish their great American novel.

While they don’t offer to finance, they have suggested personal or construction loans from lenders like LightStream, SoFi, and Prosper. 

Site: New Frontier Tiny Homes

4. Tiny Heirloom 

If you want a more flexible approach to building your own tiny home, you might like Tiny Heirloom. While they are also offering prefab designs like the others, interestingly, you can also customize pretty much everything. 

On their site, you can see browse their Signature Series, which consists of five luxury pre-designed tiny houses. They also offer custom tiny houses and even preowned tiny houses. 

Besides that, they also offer construction services to B2B businesses. Apparently, they can build food trucks, mobile showrooms, and show booths for enterprises. 

As for financing, they are offering loan applications in all 50 states in the United States. You can apply for a loan right on their site. They also suggest you go to LightStream if you want other loan options. 

Site: Tiny Heirloom

5. Wheelhaus

Tiny House in the woods - Wheelhaus
Tiny House in the woods – Wheelhaus

In our previous post about tiny house kits, we mentioned Wheelhouse being a good source of prefab tiny houses. Now, we’re expanding that here. 

The unique thing about Wheelhaus is that they deliver turnkey tiny houses right at your doorstep. With a background in log cabin construction, Wheelhaus boasts a combination of rustic and modern in their models.

They have a variety of models on wheels or on foundation, but their speciality is building less than 400 square feet Recreational Park Trailers (RPTs) and Rolling Cabins. 

Interior view of a tiny house model from Wheelhaus
Interior view of a tiny house model from Wheelhaus

Now, before you can choose any model from Wheelhaus, you have to undergo an initial consultation. Only then you can pick your most desired model that suits your budget. 

And if you want to get a loan, you can sign up at their Lightstream-backed financing program on their site, which allows up to $100,000 financing. 

Site: Wheelhaus | Tiny houses 

6. 84 Lumber

84 Lumber doesn’t have a diverse range of designs, but you can see their kind of brand on their models. In both of their on-wheels and foundation series, you can see the signature wooden, colorful panel design. 

On their site, you can see each model’s floor plan, which will really help if you’re living with young kids. This way, you can determine what needs adjustments, should you want to buy your very own tiny house with your kids.

They also offer designs with blueprints only, which costs $500; meanwhile, the blueprints plus trailer will cost you less than $7,000. 

Moreover, although it’s not that easy to find on their site, they also offer to finance. Just like the others, they have also partnered with Lightstream to offer housing loans to their clients. 

Site: 84tinyliving.com

7. Escape Traveler

Gorgeous tiny house on wheels from Escape Traveler

Escape Traveler is a suitable marketplace for people who are always on the move. 

Besides their financing, the variety of their designs is also notable. They were even featured on Forbes Magazine’s “The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses In The World“. 

Similar to the previous marketplaces on this list, they also deliver prefab homes with their own fleet company and leveling systems. You can also order their models anywhere in the US. 

If you like modular homes on wheels, they are offering discounts if you choose premium designs. Each model can cost more than $30,000 $60,000, but if you pick the premium plans, they can give you more than $3,000 to $5,000 discounts. 

In case you want financing to buy your very own tiny house, you have to send them a quote, first. 

Site: escapetraveler.net/

8. MODS International 

Modular On-Demand Structures (MODS) International specializes in building tiny homes using shipping containers all over the world. That means their services also extend to commercial, temporary shelters, and trade shows. 

HGTV also featured multiple of their container homes. In the show “Container Homes’’, MODS built a residential project for a family in Wisconsin. 

Besides container homes, they also built some unique structures. Several notable ones are bunkhouses, man camps, and workforce housing.

They even built a Grow Container System, which is also known as “farm in a box”, where you can grow and produce hydroponic plants. It’s also available on Amazon. 

MODS is also a full-service firm, which means they cover everything, from the designing of the house to the delivery to the owner. 

Site: mods.us

9. Jamaica Cottage Shop

A cute cottage for rent with white walls and yellow green and pink doors. Jamaica Cottage Shop.
A cute cottage for rent

Last but definitely not least is JCS, which is a no-nonsense supplier of tiny house prefabs and kits. 

Their edges against other sellers, apparently, are their free shipping costs in the US and Canada, customizations, and overtime payments. 

Particularly, they have partnered with a lender called getbread.com, which allowed them to offer low rates to their customers. 

Don’t like going DIY? Their fully assembled tiny houses can cost you more than $50,000, depending on the size and design. 

Meanwhile, the other tiny structures they build are tool sheds, potting forts, and garden sheds. They also construct cabins, garages, barns, and storage units. 

Site: jamaicacottageshop.com/


With the plethora of real estate marketplaces, choosing where to buy your very own tiny house may overwhelm you. 

Nevertheless, just don’t lose sight of what you have really envisioned—the best life you want to live—and you can make less lame buying decisions. 

Also, don’t forget to make sure you can legally own it in your state. 

Related questions

Which states allow tiny houses? 

In the US, you can build or buy tiny houses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Indian, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, and Texas. 

How much do tiny houses cost? 

The average cost of a tiny home can be $30,000 to $40,000. Usually, it can become more expensive (up to $180,000) as you add upgrades like an HVAC system.